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Equ.Lifestyle is proud to present The house of Guibert.
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At the beginning there was

The house of Guibert – saddlery in Paris, was created in 1999 by Pierre Buibert. A horseman, from a  family of horse riders, with a passion. Guibert’s goal was a return to excellence, the original objective of every saddler. The quality of natural raw materials, purity of design, strict directives for each creation to its function. Bref the saddlers craft. The house of Guibert has an ancient know-how, evolving in time into an art profession at the origin of all leather goods. The Guibert leather goods, naturally issues from this culture which blends saddlery and natural saddlery materials. The basic idealsof the Huise of Guibert: purity of style & creations strictly linked to function.Purity of style linked to functionThe house of Guibert is more than just yet another leather brand. The specialized fashion label designs all accessories the contemporary fashionista or equestrian needs to have. In its collection some

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lines do catch the eye …

The Quarter Marker

Quarter Marker is a stencil which,when applied to the hindquarters of the horse, reveals a geometrical alternation of brilliance (smooth coat) and matt (coat brushed back). The origin of military and constitutes one of the first examples of military warfare. A cavalry regiment, stationary and at a respectable distance, had to impress the enemy by the power it revealed. The Quarter Marker allowed them to mask the weakness of the cavalry, by highlighting the horse and giving the impression of vigour. This military heritage still exists in certain countries and notably in France with the Republican Guard. From the end of the 19th century to the present day, the Quarter Marker has been used by horseback riders for the same reason, to show off their horse!The idea of the Quarter Marker has now enforced the creation of high-end fashion bags designed by House of Guibert. The pattern returns in not only the leather designer bags, but as well in the beautiful equestrian scarfs.The bags are created with Barenia leather that belongs to a select, exclusive circle of the best leathers in the world. Created more than 60 years ago in Barr, Alsace it is the material of choice for the best luxury houses. The hides are naturally resistant and without fault. Barenia is not only a leather of distinction but also an expression of the excellence of French know-how. But what gives it its unique aspect is the natural finishing with no addition of surface protection: its full shine is
the result of its natural state and offers an incomparable feel, finally leading, with time, to a platina thus further embellishing it. The return of the pattern makes these traveler bags, purses or just wallets a must-have for the fashionista. It is a pattern that with the use of materials and colours fits in the next season’s fashion trends. The nice detail for finishing touch and quality materials as well as the subtle hint to the equestrian historical habbits give the Quarter Marker collection of House Guibert a contemporary everyday statute as well as high-end fashion.

Equestrian traditions & leather fashion are combined in House Guibert’s products.

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