The Van den Bosch Family are familiar faces in the international equestrian show jumping community.  Son Michael jumped to the team gold medal at the 2015 FEI European Championships. The other side of the family is focused on the breeding sport thanks to Paul Van den Bosch. While Paul’s daughter, Charlotte is happy riding the horses at home, Ines is focusing on her international career, thus follows the footsteps of her brother and sister Evelien, who competed at an international 1.40m level. The family combines a trending furniture business with an active equestrian career, time to talk with Ines and Charlotte.

You are both well known at the horse shows but most people forget both of you are working hard in the family business. What’s your daily occupation?

Ines: Habufa is a real family business. Our grandfather founded the furniture business names as “Hapertse Buismeubelen Fabriek.” Later our parents (Danny and Paul) took over the daily management, while we are now preparing to carry the torch.  My father (Danny) is the creative mind of Habufa. He designs the furniture with his team and  focuses on the different concepts of the company.

Charlotte: My father (Paul) is the current general director, he enjoys his time with the financial tasks and general management.

What is the difference between Habufa and other furniture brands such as Ikea?

Charlotte: In my opinion Habufa is unique. Our three sub brands make us unique, addressing its own different audience. The H&H is our high end brand. Henders & Hezel aims to service people who enjoy a bit more luxury. XOOON on the other hand was created for the youth. XOOON is trendy and young. The XOOON furniture is as well cheaper as those from Henders & Hezel. Our last sub brand is COCO Maison. COCO Maison is the future of home decoration. It is the first brand we exploit ourselves through an online webshop.

Ines: We actually just started with the webshop. Although the project just kicked-off the online sales are growing steady. I do believe online sales is a global trend that becomes more and more important.

Charlotte: Maybe to add, but the power of Habufa is you actually don’t need any other company to furnice your house. Maybe we are advertising Habufa to much at this moment, but we actually guarantee our clients a full service. Further we  emphasize on the quality of our products. Our production is based in Asia but our quality management is on the spot to control the quality.

How do you combine sport and business?

Charlotte: I think both our families do a great job in combining our passions. It is actually funny both our parents take a different approach to the business as well as the horses. My father (Paul) mainly focuses on breeding and young horses. He still rides every day, but doesn’t compete anymore.

Ines: … and that is actually what my father (Danny) loves. Our side of the family enjoys competing and not so much producing young horses.

And how about you? How do you manage to combine business with horses?

Ines: Thanks to a good time management I can actually manage my two passions. Besides my work at Finance I enjoy doing sports. At least twice a week I am at the fitness and once a week I train my horses. Being in motion is very important to me. Being totally honest, combining horses and business is only manageable when you follow a tight program and can count on a superb team. I am blessed with my groom who takes care of the horses, walks them and even sometimes trains them. Nevertheless I try to be involved in all parts of the process.

Charlotte: Unfortunately I don’t manage to ride my horses every day. At the moment I am also injured, which actually ‘eliminates’ the horses at the moment. I do hope to be able to ride again soon and focus on my own sportive development.